Why Has Business Education Failed Business

This article [Want to Kill Your Economy? Have MBA Programs Churn out Takers Not Makers] by Rana Foroohar based on her book "Makers & Takers: The Rise of Finance and Fall of American Business" talks about the state of business education in the US. For my friends in India, I am curious to know if … Continue reading Why Has Business Education Failed Business

What Makes Bengaluru the Silicon Valley of India?

This weekend Institute of Product Leadership inaugurated the newest cohort (3rd with CMR University and 5th overall) of our Executive MBA in Product Leadership program that is offered in collaboration with universities. CMR University is one of the host universities for the program. The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Honorable Vice Chancellor of CMR University, Dr. Joshi, with … Continue reading What Makes Bengaluru the Silicon Valley of India?

What Distinguishes the Top 1% Product Managers from the Top 10%?

I came across this question on Quora and it got me thinking. It's useful to understand what distinguishes the top 1% from the top 10% in any field. The top 10% in any field are likely some of the top notch performers in that field. The margin of difference is very small. Yet there must be that … Continue reading What Distinguishes the Top 1% Product Managers from the Top 10%?

Product Professional to CEO

Google recently promoted Sundar Pichai to the role of CEO. Naturally, this received a lot of press with many articles talking about Pichai's journey from a middle class family background in India, his education at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Stanford and Wharton, and working at McKinsey and Google. No doubt, it is a remarkable story of progress. Since Pichai … Continue reading Product Professional to CEO

What Microsoft’s New CEO Should Do

Here is a draft speech that Microsoft's new CEO could give to the company: I want to talk to you today about how to get Microsoft to be a great company again. Microsoft is not as relevant as it used to be, but in some incredibly important market segments it's extraordinarily relevant. Microsoft is executing … Continue reading What Microsoft’s New CEO Should Do

Your Work Sucks…Now What?

A very good suggestion was made by one of the readers in the comments section of my earlier post -- "...how to manage the massive bitterness that conjures up when someone tell you that your work sucks and how to identify the genuine feedback with what steps to take to self introspect" So I thought … Continue reading Your Work Sucks…Now What?

Your Work Sucks

That one sentence can probably encompass all the workplace related bitterness that Steve Jobs is said to have dished out to Apple employees. At some level, I am a little bothered by the focus on Steve Jobs' negative personality traits. It seems to shift the focus from his true legacy and his innate talents for … Continue reading Your Work Sucks