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Has Product Management really been “Historically Reactive and Gut-Driven”?

Product Management Today Best Article

I imagine many of us get emails about upcoming webinars from time to time. I got one such email today, and the first sentence paused me in my tracks.

Product Management has historically been reactive and gut-driven.

The email further talked about how Agile Product Management and an experimentation-driven approach can deliver “obvious and immediate” value to users.

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Why Has Business Education Failed Business

Product Management Today Best Article

This article [Want to Kill Your Economy? Have MBA Programs Churn out Takers Not Makers] by Rana Foroohar based on her book “Makers & Takers: The Rise of Finance and Fall of American Business” talks about the state of business education in the US. For my friends in India, I am curious to know if you think this applies to the state of Indian business education as well. The main points in the article:

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The Problem We Solve is the Question We Ask

Just before 2017 came to an end, a Google Internet connectivity balloon crashed in Kenya and landed in a farm. As the article states, it caused a little panic. Fortunately, there was no damage to life or property. Most of us are familiar with what Google has been doing with balloons, but this prompted digging a little deeper. Continue reading