The Problem We Solve is the Question We Ask

Just before 2017 came to an end, a Google Internet connectivity balloon crashed in Kenya and landed in a farm. As the article states, it caused a little panic. Fortunately, there was no damage to life or property. Most of us are familiar with what Google has been doing with balloons, but this prompted digging … Continue reading The Problem We Solve is the Question We Ask

Here’s my Facebook movie!…ENOUGH!

For it's 10th anniversary, Facebook created a special personalized movie, called Look Back, for its billion+ users, that was made up of each user's memories on Facebook. It's a good one minute long video, capturing special moments -- most liked posts, photos shared -- set to a background score. Sheryl Sandberg recently noted that over … Continue reading Here’s my Facebook movie!…ENOUGH!

New Product Idea – A Watch for Blind People…Almost

One of the participants in my course on Customer Connect & Market Research Techniques that I teach for the Institute of Product Leadership shared this great article about how products can benefit from user feedback. It is a first person account of Hyungsoo Kim, founder and CEO of eone timepieces. Kim starts off narrating how … Continue reading New Product Idea – A Watch for Blind People…Almost

Design Thinking for Airport Restrooms

To paraphrase the beginning of the article from the New York Times titled "Why We Love Beautiful Things", great design is like pornography, you know it when you see it. And it was instantly recognizable, design that is, when I was at a men's restroom in Terminal 2 of Charles de Gaulle airport a few … Continue reading Design Thinking for Airport Restrooms