The Problem We Solve is the Question We Ask

Just before 2017 came to an end, a Google Internet connectivity balloon crashed in Kenya and landed in a farm. As the article states, it caused a little panic. Fortunately, there was no damage to life or property. Most of us are familiar with what Google has been doing with balloons, but this prompted digging a little deeper. Continue reading

What Can We Learn From The $400 Juicer That’s Supposedly Destroying Silicon Valley?

The BusinessInsider article The evidence is piling up – Silicon Valley is being destroyed seems to have riled up a lot of people. People are at a loss to understand how could the fabled VCs of Silicon Valley invest $120 million in a company that makes a juicer. People are wondering incredulously, there’s an app for that?! Since when did we need an app to drink juice?

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What Job Do You Hire the Apple Watch For?

Product Management Today Best Article

After the recent Apple keynote, a friend sent me these questions:

  • Is the watch now a permanent part of your purchase? Buy one every 2 years to pair with your iPhone?
  • What would have to happen for you to say – it is not worth spending $350 to have a watch on my wrist?
  • Why buy a $350 Apple when a $100-$200 Pebble gives you the same functionality?

The question behind the question is, what is the compelling reason to buy a product. Continue reading

New Product Idea – A Watch for Blind People…Almost

One of the participants in my course on Customer Connect & Market Research Techniques that I teach for the Institute of Product Leadership shared this great article about how products can benefit from user feedback.

It is a first person account of Hyungsoo Kim, founder and CEO of eone timepieces. Kim starts off narrating how he got introduced to the problem. Continue reading

The Insanely Great Product Manager – Part 1: Understand Value

This post is the first of a five part series. October 5 marked the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. Many people remembered him as a visionary and the uncompromising leader who scripted one the greatest turnaround acts in corporate history. And many remembered his keynotes and the mesmerizing spell cast on people, called the reality distortion field. As I was reflecting further on Steve Jobs’ contributions, it occurred to me that, more than anything, Steve was a great Product Manager. Continue reading