Has Product Management really been “Historically Reactive and Gut-Driven”?

Product Management Today Best Article

I imagine many of us get emails about upcoming webinars from time to time. I got one such email today, and the first sentence paused me in my tracks.

Product Management has historically been reactive and gut-driven.

The email further talked about how Agile Product Management and an experimentation-driven approach can deliver “obvious and immediate” value to users.

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Why Has Business Education Failed Business

Product Management Today Best Article

This article [Want to Kill Your Economy? Have MBA Programs Churn out Takers Not Makers] by Rana Foroohar based on her book “Makers & Takers: The Rise of Finance and Fall of American Business” talks about the state of business education in the US. For my friends in India, I am curious to know if you think this applies to the state of Indian business education as well. The main points in the article:

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The Problem We Solve is the Question We Ask

Just before 2017 came to an end, a Google Internet connectivity balloon crashed in Kenya and landed in a farm. As the article states, it caused a little panic. Fortunately, there was no damage to life or property. Most of us are familiar with what Google has been doing with balloons, but this prompted digging a little deeper. Continue reading

What IS Product Management, really?

Are you surprised why this question is even being asked in the first place? We have had product management in the industry for a long time now. Proctor & Gamble pioneered the concepts of brand management and market research (“Find out what the customer wants and give it to them.“). The importance of the role was further legitimized at HP and at Apple, where Steve Jobs was the uber Product Manager (“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want. Customers do not know what they want until you give it to them.“)

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