The Real Reason Facebook Had to Spend $19B

A lot has been written about the big $19B acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook. My intent is not to write specifically about the acquisition and its merits, or critique it, or debate if the price was too high or too low. Instead, I wanted to share some thoughts about why Facebook finds itself in this position of having to acquire young upstart companies for insane amounts of money. What has brought Facebook to this point? Will its next acquisition cost Facebook much more than $19B? Continue reading

The Insanely Great Product Manager – Part 1: Understand Value

This post is the first of a five part series. October 5 marked the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. Many people remembered him as a visionary and the uncompromising leader who scripted one the greatest turnaround acts in corporate history. And many remembered his keynotes and the mesmerizing spell cast on people, called the reality distortion field.¬†As I was reflecting further on Steve Jobs’ contributions, it occurred to me that, more than anything, Steve was a great Product Manager. Continue reading

Back to the Future – Mac vs PC

A friend shared a very interesting article comparing the Mac and the PC, how the PC advantage got built, and yet how resurgence of the Mac has dismantled that advantage. I don’t remember coming across this type of an analysis before. The article does not go into what factors contributed to these shifts. So I thought it would be a good exercise to take a shot at it. This will be a great “hindsight is 20/20” exercise, but possibly, it may offer some insights into understanding customer preferences, market shifts, etc. Continue reading

What Next After the Post-PC Era?

Post-PC era — It seems this phrase has been overused already, but one can be certain that we are going to keep hearing it for some time to come.

Finally I managed to watch Apple’s keynote of the launch of the new iPad that took place in March. Tim Cook talked about how Apple has its feet firmly planted in the post-PC era and how its three post-PC devices, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, contributed to 76% of Apple’s Q4-2011 quarterly revenue. Cook highlighted the fact that Apple sold more iPads in Q4-2011 than the number of PCs sold by any PC manufacturer, thus making it the perfect poster-child of the post-PC era. Continue reading

iPad-mini – If Apple Builds It, They Will Come

The anticipation for the iPad 3 has been in overdrive for some days now, typical for any Apple product launch. However, it seems that this reaches a crescendo when we are looking at the launch of a product version that has already delivered it’s share of shock and awe before. What else? What if? Will it? Won’t it? Continue reading

Google vs Facebook – Battle of the Suites

Google’s impending revision of its privacy policy and the promise of an integrated and smooth Google experience got me thinking about this topic. This sounds very much like the suite approach that we have seen in the enterprise software market. Traditionally, best of breed vs suite has been a decision that Enterprise IT managers have to contend with when making purchasing decisions. Continue reading